Bring your old electronics into the shop today. Or for large lots of electronics we can schedule a pick up.

The upgraded - repaired computers are then gifted to aid local individuals in need, to other 501c3 organizations (tax deductible charitable groups) within Santa Fe.

We believe in what we are doing, and we want you to join us in this mission. We believe that we are the best option for your unwanted electronics, because all donated electronics remain here in New Mexico thus aiding our community. This only happens with your help.

We need your help to operate and continue providing functional refurbished computers to those who truly need them. Your donations of Cash or electronics, directly benefit appreciative recipients.

The beneficiaries of our recycled useable laptops, tablets and printers are; Low income families, charitable (501c3) groups, senior- citizens, college students, and immigrants who cannot afford to buy a computer. The individuals or groups receiving computers are those who cannot afford cost of simple starter computers. Safeguards are set to ascertain that computers will only be given to those organizations and individuals who have a clear need.

Recycle Today